paris attacks 2015

Paris Attacks 2015: A Global Issue

Illustration by Andy Thies

The Truth About the Paris Attacks

The threat of terrorism worldwide has never been more present than it is today. That truth has been made increasingly evident with every attack upon innocent people around the globe. However, the Paris attacks on Friday, November 13th may have marked a new level of the threat posed by international terrorists due to the sophistication and extent of the heinous act. This is not an attack that can or should be forgotten by the global community.

The Visualization

The visualization above illustrates the Paris attacks not by numbers, but by people. The deaths of 129 innocent people and the injury of 352 more are the direct result of the barbaric actions taken by just 8 attackers. We’ve displayed what these numbers look like in a human sense. The attackers, displayed at the bottom, are surrounded by those whom they’ve killed, then by those whom they’ve wounded. However, ultimately they are surrounded by the people of the world, the 7.3 billion people who will not tolerate these actions and who will support the victims and stand by Paris as one of our most beloved world cities.

Just as the attackers are denoted as a tiny fraction of the visualization, so is ISIS and other violent extremist groups a tiny fraction of the world population. Now is the time for people worldwide of all religions, governments, and cultures to stand together behind Paris, as well as the innocent victims from all global acts of terrorism, to show these violent groups that they are greatly outnumbered and they will ultimately lose. However, now is not the time for hate. It is a time for global cooperation and progress.

This visualization was created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Data was obtained via CBSNews and the US Census Bureau.

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